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Project Consulting Services
Often companies strive to get comprehensive and accessible advice that will help build a technology strategy for their business.
SMARTCON simplifies radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions.
You tell us your needs and we will design an RFID solution that is best for your business.
We follow and understand RFID technology. We are involved in several areas of expertise.

Why you may need help?
RFID is complex and evolving every day.
With the large number of suppliers, frequencies and devices, an objective opinion on what technology is applied to your reality is indispensable.
The first impact will be on project costs and then on completion deadline.

Why use?
RFID technology is being used in new IoT products and services, as well as simplifying existing processes.
You may want to improve the cost-benefit ratio. Your customers may be asking for additional features or there may be standards and compliance requirements that you need to follow.
We will show you ways to make your products, services and processes more competitive and profitable using RFID.

How do we help?
Once we understand your business needs and processes, SMARTCON can develop a business case concept for an RFID project.
Many companies are choosing to outsource activities such as project planning and associated steps ranging from requirements definition, supplier selection, software development, implementation and training.




Focusing on automation SMARTCON started researching wireless technology in 2012.

We have tested and certified many applications and benefits using RFID (UHF), NFC, Bluetooth (BLE), and others.

We have developed our Showroom to visitation of our customers for approval of the efficiency of our technology in a real like environment.

Currently we have mobile applications for various purposes and we provide consulting services in IoT (Internet of Things).


Make fast and practical intelligent communication of all things, bringing benefits and reducing costs of investments in automation.

Facilitate and simplify ROI(Return on Investment) by making a smooth transition to technology migrations.


The company is always aware of the latest technologies of sensing, geolocation, wireless communications, etc.

Always up to date with global new product launches and its applications.

We are glad to receive your contact to ask questions and understand your need.






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Request a demo of our solution, request a visit to our showroom, and / or contact us with your contact form.

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