Roupa na cremalheira

Retail and Luxury Goods

Agility in the counting of items with reduction of up to 90% of time in relation to the bar code. Reliability for the control of items with high added value.
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Integrity in the organization, storage, shipment, transportation and landing of items. Real-time tracking and conferencing.

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Naturopathic Medicine Shelf


Guarantees the availability of medicines. Generates purchase order suggestion by anticipating demand.

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Vigilância Segurança Câmera de Vídeo

Access Control

Quick identification on any type of access. IDs that store information and interact.

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Fair recorde


Control of access, monitoring and interactions. Agile check-in, nonexistent cloning and real-time tracking.

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Cargo Shipping Containers

Logistics and Warehousing

Facilitates the location and storage of products. Real-time tracking and on-demand repositioning indication.

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Context of Approximation

Personalized promotions information, discount coupons, product combinations, and more, in a controlled and monitored approach.

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Beer Factory

Industry and Manufacturing

Intelligent allocation of resources and real-time monitoring. Tracking of supplies with priority of shipment, organization of space and allocation of people.

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Entrega de caixas

Inventory and Equity

Reduces time by up to 90% for item counting. Accuracy and information on replenishment by consumption.

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Farm Ver

Agriculture and Livestock

Controls weight, dates, location and issues inspection alerts. Monitors health, nutrition and behaviors.

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